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Martha Kariuki 

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Queen Kukoyi


About the Beyond Strong Project

We are meant to experience joy, ease, and liberation. What better way to cultivate that than to use our creativity? In 2022 six Black artists share liberatory experiences that will revive the creative in you. You can attend as many experiences as you like with your membership. These experiences will include:

1. Redefining Care: Centring Adornment & Collective Care with Tanya Turton (2 Sessions March 19th & 26th 2022): Participants will use adornment as a tool for grounding.  

2. Ancestral Sounds with Martha Kariuki (2 Sessions March 13 & 27 2022): Explore the relationship between our bodies and our ancestral sounds as we allow ourselves to reconnect our bodies to ancestral knowledge.

3. Yanvalou Song & Dance Experience with Emilie Jabouin ( 2 Sessions April 16 & 17 2022): (in person) “Do gwe means to pour water or give blessings. Participants will learn how to coordinate a song with one of the basic Yanvalou rhythms and embody the movements. 

4. Sound-Body Experience  (Songwriting and Singing) with Janisa  (June 12th) Discover your natural sound-body and use it to deepen your artistic practice.

5. Letters to Me (Collage-making) with Queen Kukoyi (2 Sessions August 14th and 21st 2-4 PM) Queen Kukoyi presents "Letters to me", an Afrofuturistic meditative space using visual arts, mindfulness, and storytelling to facilitate discourse that seeks to reclaim our joy spaces.)

6. Express Yourself with Shantel Miller (August 13th 2-4): Use colour to develop greater self expression.


7 Months
14 Art EExperiences
Led by 6 Black Artists

Sliding Scale & Scholarship Memberships Available

Coming  Soon:
Ancestral Brunch
Digital Collage Exhibit September 11 2022